About Our Lab

Lab Talk Schedule - Spring 2020

Members of the Social-Ecological and Environmental Lab are researchers whose interests span interpersonal processes with a concern for how individuals make perceptual contact with their environment, and physically or socially engage with their environment.

SEE lab members:

  • Focus broadly on embodied processes, and have serious interests in perceptual processes, including detection of affordances and the use of measures such as eye tracking
  • Study the dynamics of individual and interpersonal action, and using measures such as motion tracking interpersonal interaction such as cooperative joint action, interpersonal conflict, language, and nonverbal behavior
  • An overarching interest in dynamics and the emergence of sociality through self-organized processes
  • View individuals as situated in sociophysical environments, with interests in issues such as how individuals interact with others in novel settings
    studying environmental and social affordances and behavior settings
  • Study behavior in real and virtual environments

All are welcome to attend our weekly Friday lab meetings: 10:30-11:30am, Bousfield 109. Most graduate students who attend SEE Lab are either graduate students in Social Psychology who have an interest in how environmental embeddedness of individuals affects their perceptions, actions or communication with others, or graduate students in Perception-Action-Cognition who study ecological perception-action processes and have overlapping interests in social domains.